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What's Next ?

(after your class)
What's Next
For North Carolina residents your next step after you pass the training is to Apply with your local sheriff for your CHP "Concealed Handgun Permit"

In Most NC counties, you are required to go online with your local sheriffs department and fill out some paperwork, and make an appointment online to come in to their office.  In other counties you must call the local county sheriff to get their process. Once you have an appointment, you must take the certificate of completion to the the Sheriff’s Office in the county that you live in. Bring your ID and the original training certificate from our class.  They will have you fill out a permit application and give them your original certificate.  They require you to be fingerprinted and pay an application fee (usually between $80-$100). They will run a background check and verify your qualifications for applying for the permit, under the criteria according to N.C.G.S. 14-415.12.  They will make a determination (at the sheriff's discretion) on whether to issue you a permit.  The entire process with the sheriff's office takes generally up to 30-90 days to complete from start to finish.

For South Carolina residents your next step after you pass the training is to get fingerprinted by your local law enforcment agency and send in your SLED paperwork provided by your trainer, to apply for your "Concealed Weapon Permit"

As part of the training we have included all necessary paperwork and a SLED packet for you to mail in your paperwork.  We also included a checklist of exactly what needs to go in the packet. SLED will make a determination after going through the state mandated background checks and evaluating your paperwork. They will notify you directly if they require any additional information and also if your application has been approved or denied. Sled also charges an application fee for the permit process of $50, in addition to a small fingerprinting fee from your local law enforcement agency.

Pursue additional training

We recommend that you continue to take additional training. Additional training is a proven way to keep your shooting skills and knowledge accurate and current.  We plan on offering many additional courses so check back often -- we would love to have you train with us again.  In the mean time, you should continue to train when and where ever you can.  Training can make the difference in a life and death situation. We recommend the NRA training page for a list of courses available in your area. 

'Hone' your shooting skills

"Practice makes perfect" or as we like to say... "Safe practice makes perfect practice." Go to the range.  The best way to increase your comfort and skill level is to practice. Many ranges offer a monthly or semi annual membership for nominal fees; usually it's less expensive to do this than to pay an hourly or daily rate. 

Remember the safety rules:
Always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction. 
Always keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
Always keep your gun unloaded until ready to use.
Always know your target and what is beyond it.

Get legal advice on "carrying a concealed handgun"

This crucial step is often over looked from training facilities who provide CCH/CWP training.  We highly recommend that you contact a local attorney and ask for advice on "carrying a concealed handgun." You may want to research it on your own via the internet and make your own informed decisions.  The NRA has business alliance partners that specialize in this area, so you may want to check out the NRA sites.  Here are a few links to get you started...  "The Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network",  
"USCCA Legal Defense Foundation, Inc" While we don't personally endorse any specific course of action, however, we do recommend action! The decision is yours.

Have a plan!

Course  Eligibility

To attend any of our training, you must meet all of our course requirements below (These are OUR course requirements, and may be different than the state requirements to apply for your CCH/CWP  permit);

By reading and registering for a class,  You understand that these are the requirements to attend ANY training or courses from ANY person affiliated with  You also understand that the legal requirements to apply and/or obtain a concealed carry handgun permit are NOT defined by any person affiliated with and/or and are NOT defined herein, but can be found online at the North Carolina Department of Justice website and/or with the local county sheriff, and for South Carolina residents at the South Carolina Law Enforcent division (SLED) website. You also understand that all fees paid are for training and/or instruction and do NOT guarantee you to be issued a course completion certificate or instructor signed off paperwork unless you pass the state required instruction and/or tests.. Course completion certificates and SC student paperwork are issued at the sole discretion of the course instructor.  You also acknowledge that all fees paid for training/instruction are NON-REFUNDABLE for any reason.

  • You must have a valid state issued I.D. or valid U.S. Government issued ID, required. (You must bring this to class, unless you are under 18, then we require your parent bring their I.D., we will scan /copy/ or photograph your I.D.for our records)

  • You must be a current resident of the state of North Carolina and/or South Carolina (for whichever class you take)  and must have been for a minimum of 30 days. Each state has their own requirements to apply for their respective permits, and you must meet them before you can apply.            

  • You cannot have been convicted of any felonies or convicted of misdemeanors with aggressive violence involved, or are awaiting trial for a felony or sentencing for a crime which would disqualify you from obtaining a concealed handgun permit.

  • You must be in the U.S. legally without having renounced U.S. Citizenship.

  • You must be an adult or a responsible child with signed parental permission. (Parents are required to be present and sign in the presence of instructor)

  • You must not suffer from any physical or mental infirmity that prevents the safe handling of a handgun.

  • You have NOT been discharged from any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces under a Dis-Honorable, Under Other Than Honorable Conditions, Dismissal, or a Bad Conduct Discharge. However, we can still provide NRA training for you.

  • A reasonable person would conclude that you are of "good moral character."

  • Pregnant women are not encouraged to pursue firearms training of any type. You assume all risk/liability for
    your actions and consequences regarding firearms training.


  • If you are taking a North Carolina CCH Class, or South Carolina CWP class, You must NOT be under a court order which would prohibit you from obtaining a concealed permit, See
    North and South Carolina laws.





Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to get a permit in North Carolina  or South Carolina?  Do I qualify for a permit?

The requirements vary from state to state, and so does the process.  The best place to get this information for North Carolina residents is directly from the North Carolina General Assembly, or from the North Carolina Department of Justice, (make sure you click on the North Carolina Firearms Laws link . The section dealing with the requirements begins with General Statute 14-415.12 .  We highly recommend you check out one of the actual sites from the state.  As we do not specialize in law, and we do not make the determination whether you qualify of not for a concealed handgun permit.  You may also want to check with the sheriffs department in the county you live in, they are the ones making that determination. 

 For South Carolina residents, the best place to get that information is from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED), they are the body that administers all South Carolina residents concealed weapon permits.  Here is a link to their website

   We provide training and education.

In North Carolina I heard that the Concealed Carry Permit also serves as a permit to buy a handgun, is this true?

Yes, absolutely!  Once you receive your Concealed Carry Handgun Permit, you can use it to purchase a handgun.  You will not have to go to the sheriff’s office to buy handgun purchase permits.  For some people who buy a few handguns every year, these savings alone may pay for the cost of the Concealed Carry Class!

Is this a CCW? or CCH, or CHP class? or CWP class? , what is the difference ?

In North Carolina and South Carolina the law does not provide you a permit to carry a specific "weapon" other than handgun.  However, each state has their own definition of exactly what a handgun is and that definition determines what you may carry concealed.  Our North Carolina class is a Concealed Carry Handgun Training class, and our South Carolina class is a Concealed Weapon Permit Class.  Many other web sites and instructors call the permit you can get from your local sheriff a CCW permit.  If they are not calling it what it is, then what are they actually teaching you?  We know the difference and provide you with the correct information. In North Carolina the actual permit that your local county sheriff issues you is a "North Carolina concealed handgun permit". The permit does not allow you to carry any other type of "weapon" concealed! In South Carolina (SLED) issues you a South Carolina Concealed Weapon Permit, however it only allows you to carry a handgun concealed, no other type of weapon.  Some other states have a different permitting system and will allow you to carry various items, with the proper state issued permit.

Is there a certain type of handgun or caliber of gun required for training classes?

Yes, a minimum of .22 caliber, any handgun brand/type that is of good quality, works reliably, and is maintained properly. However, please make sure you have a handgun you can safely control, and you are familiar with its operation, recoil, and features.  We recommend a smaller caliber handgun, as they are easier to train with as far as recoil, especially for new shooters.  We do not prefer single action revolvers for training purposes, or handguns used from a cross draw holster for training purposes. You may use any reliable handgun of good quality, that is used safely by you.

Do I need to have a handgun before class?

No.  We can rent you one to qualify, if you don't have your own.  However, we do charge a small fee for using ours, plus the cost of ammo for it.  Please let us know prior to the date of the class, if you need to "rent" ours.  The cost includes normal wear and tear as well as cleaning, we don't make a profit on gun rentals.  If you want help in selecting a firearm for personal use, we can assist you also.  We also have safety glasses and hearing protection at no charge, if you don't have your own.

Is the Concealed Permit only good in the state it was issued?

No.  It’s good in many states!  We cover this in class.  It’s called Reciprocity.


  Click Here for South Carolina's Reciprocity

What if it rains, will you still hold the class?

Yes.  On a rainy day, we adjust the curriculum/timing of our couses so we can shoot during non rain periods.  Occasionally, we do shoot during light rain.

What if I’ve never shot a handgun before?  Can I still take the class?

Yes.  In addition to legal issues, we also cover shooting fundamentals, gun safety, and gun cleaning.  Remember, the furthest that you will be shooting from is 7 yards or the equivalent of 21 feet.  We recommend the NRA Basic Pistol course + CCH/CWP for those that are new gun owners. We also offer additional firearms training for the beginner as well as advanced training (Ask Us).

Do you offer private instruction?

Yes.  We offer private instruction at the rate of $35.00 an hour and will schedule this when it’s convenient for you.



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