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Located in Concord, North Carolina     We offer training in all cities/counties of both North and South Carolina          
Classes & Events
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What to Bring & Not to Bring to Class

Bring to training class  (but leave in vehicle, secured);
Items that are required;

Your handgun (No single action revolvers, please)
handgun must be of good quality and must function reliably

50 rounds of ammunition for your handgun, minimum.

Eye and ear protection
(We have extra eye/ear protection that you can borrow, at no charge)



Below Items are optional;

A holster (if you have one) or other specifically designed CCH/CWP  purse/pouch, etc. (No crossdraw or shoulder holsters, please)

Hat or Cap with brim (to deflect shell casings from getting between glasses and eyes and/or hitting you in the face)

Loose fitting clothing with pockets works best or a coat with pockets for ammunition and magazines. No sandals, high heels, or open-toed shoes will be allowed at the range. Tennis shoes or boots are preferred. Ladies, Please no low cut tops without some type of cover. (Brass goes everywhere and it's hot !)

Dress comfortably and also you may want to bring rain gear just in case.

Do NOT Bring ammunition into the classroom, it is for range shooting ONLY.


Class Information & Range Location

Our Classes are available on the dates / times listed in the training class calendar.  Registration and payment are required in advance to reserve a spot in a class.  Visit our registration page for more details or to register online. Please do not bring children or guests that are not taking the class with you to your class.  We do not have the staff or facilities to entertain or watch them while you are in class.

Classes begin promptly at the time scheduled, please arrive early and be ready on time 

We offer instruction at your location for private group training or in Concord N.C.,  Range locations vary.  (After you register, you will receive email instructions with the location of your class)

**We reserve the right to refuse instruction to anyone (at our discretion), We will refuse instruction to anyone whom we feel is not qualified to complete this course, anyone who falsifies their registration information, anyone who in our opinion violates proper safety etiquette and/or does not follow instructor/range officer instruction or guidance, and/or whom we feel may be taking this course for reasons other than
personal protection**

Course Information

Concealed Carry Handgun training (CCH/CWP)

NRA Basic Pistol + (CCH/CWP Includes new online portion)

NC/SC CCH/CWP Laws Update (For current permit holders ONLY)

North Carolina requirements for obtaining a CCH permit

South Carolina requirements for obtaining a CWP permit

Course Registration (Click Here to REGISTER)

What to bring ( & not to bring ) to class

Course Information & Range Location

Additional Course / Training Offerings


CCH/CWP Training; Upon completing this course you’ll have a good working knowledge of the laws governing the use of deadly force and the skills necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones. This class is for shooters who wish to apply for their North Carolina Concealed Handgun Permit or for their South Carolina Concealed Weapon Permit. Upon successful class completion you will be issued a certificate of completion for your training for North Carolina residents, or the necessary paperwork to apply for South Carolina residents.  This course includes;

Course Instruction Including;

Legal Issues
Handgun Nomenclature
Handgun Safety
Handgun Fundamentals
Marksmanship Fundamentals
Presentation Techniques
Cleaning & Maintenance
Proficiency Drills

This course meets all the requirements for the applicant to apply for the North Carolina Concealed Handgun Permit, or in South Carolina the Concealed Weapon Permit. The class includes state required tests and exams as well as a physical qualification shoot where the student must demonstrate the ability to hit a center mass target at various distances as required by state laws. We will provide guidance and instruction to help you improve your accuracy. This may require additional rounds.


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NRA Basic Pistol + CCH/CWP combo class includes ALL of the state required course instruction and objectives, in addition to the NRA Basic Pistol Course (below) + additional range training (Course time is approximately 10 hours), Upon successful class completion you will be issued a certificate of completion for your training for North Carolina residents, or the necessary paperwork to apply for South Carolina residents. 

Highly Recommended for all levels of gun owners, and/or anyone that wishes to enhance their handgun proficiency and knowledge in addition to the training mandated to apply for your CCH/CWP permit.

 Course Instruction Includes;


NRA Pistol Basics Course Training & Materials including;

Safety Training / Firearm Storage
Pistol Mechanisms and Operation
Building Pistol Shooting Skills
Pistol Maintenance Selection And Use
Additional Shooting Positions
Information And Training Resources
Facts About The NRA
Popular Pistol Cartridges.


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NC Requirements: The State of North Carolina has very specific laws regarding obtaining a concealed carry handgun permit and Firearm Laws.  Specifics can be found at the North Carolina Department of Justice website.  Click Here for the state publication.

SC Requirements: The State of Sorth Carolina has very specific laws regarding obtaining a concealed weapon permit and Firearm Laws.  Specifics can be found at the South Carolina Law Enforcement Divisions (SLED) website.  Click Here for more information.

NC/SC CCH/CWP Laws Update Course (For current permit holders ONLY);
This course covers the legal updates that go into effect periodically and is highly recommended for anyone who currently has a valid, current CCH or CWP permit in the state of North Carolina or South Carolina (This Class is approximately 2 hours long). We do provided updated documentation for you to take with you as well.

This course includes;

Updated laws on
Where you can and can't legally carry concealed
Including updates regarding
educational property
bars & restaurants
assemblies where admission is charged
and more !


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