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Located in Concord, North Carolina. We are in close proximity to the Charlotte area of North Carolina     We offer training in all cities/counties of both North and South Carolina          

Safety, Safety, Safety !


1. ALWAYS treat all guns as if they are loaded

2. ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction

3. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot

4. ALWAYS know your target and what is around it and beyond it

Our Instructor(s) are certified as Concealed Carry Firearms Instructors, NRA certified instructors, and NRA trained in multiple areas.  All Instructors have multiple years of shooting experience and are highly qualified.

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* We offer 1 on 1 personal firearms training *
* NC/SC CCH/CWP Laws Update Course now available *

 Our Training Advantages


Private Individual training available locally or group training available throughout the Carolinas (Call or Email us for Details) Private individual training available locally, or group training is available at your location. Please contact us for minimum participant requirements and private training course costs. We  teach and provide training in all counties of both North & South Carolina.

Can't do a full 8+ hours in one sitting ? We can break your training into 2 sessions at no additional cost. We have weekday evening training available..

We don't cut corners Quality training, reasonably priced, on your time. We do not 'nickel & dime' you with additional fees for training materials, range fees, eye/ear protection rental fees, training target fees, etc.  Everything is included in the price quoted. Nothing hidden.  Just bring your own handgun and ammunition.  If you have your own eye/ear protection great, if not you can use ours...  

 CCH/CWP Course

 "Experienced Shooters"
 $100 (with your firearm/ammo);

$120 (with our firearm/ammo) 

NRA Basic Pistol

+CCH/CWP course

(combination class)

 $145 *Instructor Led Course
Concealed Carry Course @
Courses meet required North Carolina and South Carolina mandated training program of instruction + handgun proficiency range qualification, includes CCH training certificate upon successful completion of this class for North Carolina residents or CWP approved training paperwork for South Carolina residents
This course is for shooters who wish to apply with their local sheriff for the NC Carry Concealed Handgun Permit, or for South Carolina residents to apply with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) for your Concealed Weapon Permit.

Course Instruction Includes;

Legal Issues
Handgun Nomenclature
Handgun Safety
Handgun Fundamentals
Marksmanship Fundamentals
Presentation Tehniques
Cleaning & Maintenance
Proficiency Drills

This course meets all the requirements for the applicant to apply for the NC CCH Permit for North Carolina residents, or for South Carolina residents to apply with SLED for the Concealed Weapon Permit. The class includes the required written exam as well as a physical qualification shoot where the student must demonstrate the ability to hit a center mass target at various distances as required by each state. We will guide you and provide additional instruction if necessary to improve your accuracy, which may require additional rounds.

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Update Course

 "For Current

permit holders ONLY"

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Concealed Carry + NRA basic pistol combined course @
Course includes ALL of the CCH/CWP Course instruction and objectives, in addition to the NRA Basic Pistol Course (below) + additional range training (Course time is approximately 9-10 hours), includes NRA and CCH training certificates or NRA and CWP training paperwork upon successful completion of this combination class

Highly Recommended for all levels of gun owners, and/or anyone that wishes to enhance their handgun proficiency and knowledge in addition to the training mandated to apply for your CCH/CWP permit.

 Course Instruction Includes;


NRA Pistol Basics Course Training & Materials including;

Safety Training / Firearm Storage
Pistol Mechanisms and Operation
Building Pistol Shooting Skills
Pistol Maintenance Selection And Use
Additional Shooting Positions
Information And Training Resources
Facts About The NRA
Popular Pistol Cartridges.

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